Saturday, 1 February 2014

Storm Uninterrupted - A Poem about Endless Days of Rain

Today the day was bloody grim, 
Dark, dank, brisk, my patience thin
At night we sleep to the lashing beat 
It’s enough to make an hourglass weep 

There's water, water everywhere
As the clouds cry down, the earth despairs
The raging river rapes the land all around
The lost land weeps, there’s no hope in the ground

I wonder if my water-logged skin will tear
I still try to smile although it’s rained all year 
Inside this frozen shell, I seize the thought 
If our hearts still beat, we can only cope

Nisha P Postlethwaite is the author of The First Sense eBook available from several online retailers. To find out more visit

An author interview can be found on the One Thousand Worlds Blog by the fantastic Richard Earl . On twitter:   @1000Worlds

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