Thursday, 6 February 2014

Life & Times of a Kitten: Sapphire’s Cat Commentary

The first Puh-Purr Tale from the Postlethwaite-Puh-Tail Series

What’s that?
See that? It moved
And that! Cool! Those brown things wriggle
Okay. Let’s pounce
No, stop. Let's think
Wiggle my bum first
Wait, what’s these on my paws?
Hooks! I’ve got hooks? Yeeee-s... I remember
Okay. Let’s pounce with the hooks

Ready, steady
Concentrate on the brown wriggles  
Now, pounce... and attach
What’s that screech?
It came from Mum
The wriggly brown things have moved
Oh-oh, I think they’re hers
She looks mad
I'm sure, she’ll get over it

Wait, here comes big cat 
Is he a top cat? Or fat cat? 
I’ll show swagger-cat
Let’s pounce
Wait, he’s seen me. 
Let’s crouch. 
Wiggle the bum
Paw-hooks ready

One.. two… three... 
Okay. Pounce... and attach
Result! Hold on to his neck, the neck!
Climb up, bite an ear
He’s growling - hold on tight
We’re wrestling. Use the hooks. 
The hooks!
Yuck, did he spit at me? Ah - I've let go
Where’d he go? Where is he?

He’s right up there! 
How’d he get there?
How do I get up there?
Need to figure it out
Maybe I should sleep on it
Okay, let’s nap

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