Friday, 14 February 2014

A Prescription For Love

What truths lie in the most famous sayings about love? These are my thoughts. I would love to know your own ...

'Love is like a drug:'
Once you taste it, you want more. 
Suddenly you cannot live without it. It makes you do crazy things and it makes you crazy. Sometimes it's not good for you, but it feels amazing at the time. Love can ease your pain, but when withdrawn it hurts more than you ever thought possible. A good dose of love makes you forget about everything else. 

'Love means never saying you're sorry.'
You never mean to hurt the one you love. Hurting them hurts you much more and they know this. You never 'have' to say you're sorry, but of course you do, because you are more sorry than you have ever been in your life. 

'If you love someone set them free'
You truly want the best for them even if it's a life without you. If they truly love you back they don't need to be tied to you because your love is much stronger than that. You trust them too much to hack off their wings. True love is given freely, forced love becomes something much darker. You want the one you love to remain that person and not become an extension of you.

'Time will heal your broken heart.'
Time is all you may have. Recovering over time means you rebuild yourself in a much more careful, stronger way. Time will carry you forward even if you can't do anything for yourself. Every single day moves you further from the pain. The painful memories will fade over time until your lost love is just another chapter in your book.

My Prescription for Love :
Insert Your Name ............................................... 
Use Love Generously 365 days a Year. Share as Much as Possible. Ignore the Best Before Date as it Gets Better with Time.

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