Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Seven Great Resources for New Writers

As a writer you probably spend a lot of time working alone, and you probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Yet, when it comes to promoting your work in either print or electronic format, it’s a completely different ball game. Networking with other like-minded and experienced people is crucial and there is much to be gained engaging with others through the many social media platforms, blogs and websites available.

Here is a list of some very valuable resources for new (and experienced) writers …

This website dedicates a page specifically to new authors and their work, and provides great tips and resources on writing as well as well researched reading recommendations for readers.
On twitter: @WriterToniC

A site where new sciFi and fantasy writers can showcase their work and submit the first 1000 words of their published novels, novellas, or other works 
On twitter: @1000worlds

A virtual Facebook café that discusses science fiction and fantasy books Рaimed at both readers and writers. Authors can post their novels and promotions in the vein of science fiction, fantasy or horror books. Request to join.
On twitter: @ScifiBookCafé

A Facebook Page moderated by Daniel L Carter – for authors to share their experiences, events and promos, network and support each other – request to join.
On twitter: @G6Chronicles

(Media Arts Review Social) is a dynamic social media network and online magazine for writers, authors, artists, and musicians, with the opportunity to contribute commentary, poetry, and excerpts from original works of fiction.
On twitter: @ceoMARS

A goldmine for writers, providing a wealth of articles, advice and resources to help you write, design and publish a print book or eBook 
On twitter: @JFBookman

Authors can showcase their work through an author interview or Member’s Biography pages.
On twitter: @review_club

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