Monday, 9 December 2013

The Character Build vs. A Character Assassination

I am currently writing two, very different books. 

The first, is a moving but darkly humorous collection of short stories based on relationships, specifically how we painstakingly build them up, only to tear them down again. The relationship-stages of laying foundations, building, destroying, recovering and the rebuilding process are told through different characters.   

I am also working on the sequel to The First Sense; this second novel is set in my British City of the future, in the genre of magical-realism, and revolves around several complex and unusual characters.

For me it's all about character building. I love breathing life into seeds of imagination to grow characters of substance with many colourful layers. 

As writers we become our characters’ closest confidants – nurturing their traits, sharing their secrets, feeling their pain, enjoying their highs, inventing their histories, even giving them habits, and we always know what they’re thinking.

If I have to tear a character down again - all in the interest of a good story - I can’t help grieving.  A character assassination is never easy, even if the character deserves a gruesome ending. It’s like having to say saying goodbye to someone you don’t necessary like but you are deeply connected to, because you shared so much along your journey.
Maybe there is some truth in that old adage ‘everything happens for a reason,’ because many of the joys, successes, misfortunes, atrocities, break-ups and kicks in the lives of those around me and also in my own, become the building blocks to base my characters on. Maybe that's why I get so attached. 

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