Sunday, 10 November 2013

Emotional Intelligence & Creativity

We often hear the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ used to describe a person’s ability to identify, evaluate and control their own emotions, or that of others. 

Last week, I came into contact with a person with absolutely no emotional intelligence. As I observed them flatten their employees with their harsh and unnecessary criticism, I was shocked how little understanding (or interest) they had in the impact of their words on those they are supposed to lead... by example.

Unfortunately, we often come into contact with emotionally ignorant people; yet most of us find it unbelievable that people exist that have little or no empathy when dealing with others. 

Unfortunately it’s also common to come across Emotional Vampires who suck the optimism and energy right out of us and try to push us into a pit of their pessimism. 

It appears Emotional Intelligence may be something we are born with, or it can be strengthened and improved upon if we have very little of it; but what if we are born with no Emotional Intelligence at all? Is there any hope? 

I wonder about the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Creativity; for a writer to create believable and interesting characters, surely they must have a good degree of Emotional Intelligence or their characters would lack depth and substance, and their words would have no impact? 

Even if a writer creates a psychopathic character, the writer must be Emotionally Intelligent enough to portray what is missing from that character’s personality? 

To improve on Emotional Intelligence, we need to understand the importance of it, to be self-aware, to connect our feelings and thoughts with our actions, and put ourselves in other people’s (or our characters’) shoes. 

When dealing with someone with no Emotional Intelligence, by just trying to understand their behaviour shows at least we are Emotionally Intelligent. 

If you have any thoughts are articles on the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Creativity, I would love to hear from you

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