Monday, 23 September 2013

Life Changes, Wallpaper and Changing Seasons

 As the seasons shift, the reoccurring theme of the last few days has been ‘change’ – notably in the careers and homes of the people around me, as well as my own.

At the weekend, my husband and I transformed a light and airy bedroom to a moody dreaming-room  with flocks of birds across the walls. The bird theme seems to have escaped from the cover of my novel, created by the very talented graphic designer Anna Cleary . 

I must credit the wallpaper to K& K Designs - available from Roger Austin Interiors and the wallpapering skills to my husband (who remained very patient and calm throughout.) 

The finished bedroom 
On Friday, I attended a fantastic evening of prose, poetry and music run by Spotlight in Lancaster. The significant change was it marked the leaving of a talented writer, poet and friend: Miss P – who is moving to the ‘mean streets’ of Oxford to study  - our sad loss, their huge gain. Miss P writes and recites raw, edgy poetry that is also darkly humorous, and you find yourself belly-laughing as you listen, yet fascinated by the compelling narratives of her poems. 

The next Lancaster Spotlight date is the ‘Spotlight’s Litfest  Open Mic Slam’ – I will definitely attend again, and give it three minutes of prose.

Sailing on Lake Windermere
Yesterday, I observed the changing of the seasons from a different perspective - from the water. Thanks to a dear friend and his yacht, The Scurvy Dog, we spent a glorious six hours sailing along Lake Windermere. 

I love discovering the secrets of the land from the water. It was a gloriously warm afternoon,  superseded by the biting Autumnal chill of the evening. We watched the sun slowly bleed pink and gold into the green landscape until it darkened, then we tick-tacked back to Lakeside, Newby Bridge.

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