Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Statement from the Author of 'The First Sense' Novel

Subject to the hijack of my blog (below) and on the advice of my solicitor, I would like to confirm the following points:

1) I am not a fictional character in one of my books 

2) I am a living, breathing human author (the last time I checked) and not a shapeshifter

3) I have never travelled through time 

4) All the characters in The First Sense are fictional 

5) There is going to be a character assassination in the next novel 

Thanks, N P Postlethwaite 

Hijack of An Author's Blog

Picture of Me - Eiko
I’m Eiko Jansen, the main ‘character’ in The First Sense by N P Postlethwaite and I’m hijacking this blog.

Unlike Thorsen from The First Sense, I wasn't invited to guest blog by ‘author’ N P Postlethwaite and we are not on first name terms, because she and I do not have a connection any longer.

I’m going to tell you exactly what I think, but I first I want to get one thing clear: I’m not bitter towards Thorsen who is a sweet and good person and one of the few people in my life who didn’t let me down. 

I was very impressed Thorsen managed to guest blog from the future, but from where I am writing is a much more impressive place - you'll know where I mean if you've read about me. If not, tough.  

The thing is, I see much more deeply into people than they would like me to, due to unusual shadows that tell me all sorts of interesting things. A recent event has allowed me to interpret the shadows correctly the first time round – so no more mistakes, either. 

What’s really interesting is that I’ve seen the ‘author’ N P Postlethwaite’s shadow but I can’t describe it to you because it changes shape too quickly... like a shapeshifter. She must have multiple personalities or something,  I mean, I've never, ever, seen a shadow change so fast.

So people, ask yourself, is N P Postlethwaite what she seems? How does she write about people that exist in the future?  I’ll give it to her, she’s got to cheek to call The First Sense  ‘fiction’  when she’s simply listened to our stories and wrote them down.  

I didn’t see any acknowledgements either – not for me, Thorsen and …. I can hardly bear to type his name, but not for Zach either or anyone else mentioned in her novel. So, how did she leave her comfortable life in your time to come and meet us in ours, to find out everything that she did? Is she one of us? Or is she the real work of fiction? 

You should be asking several more questions about N P Postlethwaite and her novel ‘The First Sense ’ because I am telling you, it certainly isn’t a fantasy. It is real.

I’ve got to go before she comes back, but before I do, I have a warning for N P Postlethwaite. Don’t think you’ve got away with it, because I can come back any time I want to and hijack your blog!  

I've also hijacked the blog on her author's website at  I'm good at this aren't I? 

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