Thursday, 12 September 2013

Falling - A Poem about the Changing of the Seasons

I couldn’t breathe under the tangled branches
The rain didn’t help and the sky had fragmented
I closed my eyes to the earth for my lungs to betray me
I gasped in the air and choked on your needles
Your ancient wood thrives on life-giving-sap,
But my skin dries and cracks, my world had turned black
Your ground hit my fall but you ignored my fear
The warmth of your world is so far, yet so near  
As your branches withdraw from the edge of our summer
I hope you’ll think of me still, think of me there   
I feel the dark swirling silence chilling my skin
I don’t know how long we have left or when the light will begin
Absorbed by your land and torn by your hands,
We move further apart from each other again

I would love to know what your favourite poems are about Autumn, mine are :

by Jean Starr Untermeyer

by William Shakespeare

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