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A Guest Food Blog from The Future - Thorsen’s Recipe

If you’re read The First Sense novel by N P Postlethwaite  – you’ll know I’m a key character: Thorsen. The author N. P. or ‘Nisha’ I call her (I think I know her well enough - she wrote all about my unusual abilities and some deeply personal stuff) asked me to guest write on her blog. 

Of course, being from the future, it wasn’t an easy ask, but I found a way to do it; I can’t tell you how - although knowing Nisha and her over-inquisitive nature - she’ll find out and reveal all in her next book, despite what I think. 

I’m sorry if I sound a little harsh: Nisha has depicted my café and talent for cooking brilliantly, but she’s been a little bit too honest about my moods and alcohol consumption. You wouldn’t judge me if you’d read what I have had to deal with, and I know Nisha doesn’t either, but it was raw reading back some of the darkest times of my life in The First Sense ebook. 

 Anyway, on to brighter things: I thought I’d share a recipe for my fish soup – Nisha makes a fleeting reference to it in Chapter 4 of The First Sense eBook, but it definitely deserves more attention on the page: 

Thorsen's Fish Soup Recipe 

Wash 8-10 razor clams in cold water to remove any grit. Heat 175ml of dry white wine in a pan and steam the clams for 30 seconds until they open. Discard any unopened clams & pour yourself a large glass of wine for your effort. Chop the clam meat into chunks; strain the cooking liquid & set aside. 

Add a slab of butter & a drizzle of olive oil to the pan & gently fry 2 sliced red onions until sweet & caramelised. Add a handful of sliced fennel, 2 cloves of grated garlic & 1 chopped finger-sized purple-striped chili. (Nisha’s just said purple-striped chillies don’t exist yet, so use what medium strength chili you can get). 

Gently fry for a few more minutes but don’t let the mixture burn, then 500ml of good fish stock, the clam liquid, 400ml of pulped tomatoes, a good pinch of saffron, a tbsp. of grated orange rind & two tbsps. of fresh orange juice – I’ve heard some fruit in your time’s grown with pesticides (I’ve never known it) but make sure the orange is not. Simmer the soup for 20 mins, cool and blend. 

Before serving, poach your preferred quantities of firm fresh fish in the soup and add the clam meat, I generally use halibut, salmon & chopped octopus. Add half a tsp. of crushed blue peppercorns – I’ve been nudged again - use black peppercorns as you can’t get blue. Add sea salt to taste - I use Maldon Sea Salt – it’s been around forever, but it’s the best. 

Add a drizzle of fresh ginger & coriander blended in olive oil, to the soup & serve with warm bread. My roast fennel and lemon bread goes perfectly, but that’s another recipe, for another time. Enjoy.

 I’ve got to go back to tomorrow and my Edible Remedy café. Now I know how to, I’m sure I’ll visit another time.
Regards, Thorsen 
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