Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday 23rd August 2013. I've Published 'The First Sense' Novel… What Now?

It was a long time coming. It wasn’t just an itch I had to scratch, but a deeply painful sensation that became more intense, the more I ignored it. I'm talking about my fictional eBook The First Sense, recently released on Amazon Kindle , Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore. 

Do I make the writing of 'The First Sense' novel sound painful? Well it was really painful at times, as well as really enjoyable, but if you’re a writer or artist, I’m sure you will say some of your best work has come out of huge bouts of pain.  

It was not like I suddenly got ‘the burn,’ just the burn just became more intense. I've been writing all my life since I was ten, but the kind of writing where I scribbled ideas onto my hands, onto the back of chewing gum wrappers, napkins, paper bags, schoolbooks, post-it-notes – on every type of paper you can imagine, and all those pieces of paper were dumped into drawers. I simply had to write.

When I couldn't comprehend something or understand the enormity of a situation, when I had to celebrate a feeling, record an experience or explore a theory, or when I had to work through a business and marriage, or finalise a divorce, I wrote.  

Not only were these pieces of paper and notebooks, filling up my drawers, but there was a reoccurring theme amongst the more recent scribbles: my search for fulfillment. 

So I weaved many scribbles into a project and that, essentially, is what ‘The First Sense’ e-Book is. It is about three, unusually gifted 
characters’ lives in a future British city;  they have to trawl through their emotions and deepest fears to make sense of what it is they need to stop feeling so empty. Several readers of The First Sense novel said they strongly identify with the unusual characters, well I am really pleased that they do, because that is where a lot of my life’s scribbles went.      

Like many novels, writing ‘The First Sense’ took a lot of time, research, plotting, redrafting and editing; there were constant interruptions (several day jobs and moments of self-doubt), but I had some wonderful encouragement.  

As a self-published author I know the really hard work has just begun, there is much marketing and networking ahead, but the beauty of our time is it’s very easy to find more experienced, like-minded and helpful people out there.  I must not get so caught up in the marketing side that I forget to write, but deep down, I know I won’t, writing is why I put myself here in the first damn place. So, I’m writing my next novel and yes, I am feeling both the pain and pleasure.  

I would love to hear from you about your own writing experiences and inspirations. 

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